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Magnificant is a minority-led, young resource company, offering services, products, and systems to nurture black and global-majority talent.

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  • Thoughtful, collaborative process of re-imagining who you are first, then visually mapping it out on a resume

  • Collaborative (and healing) model of re-writing your story, and remembering who you are

  • Quick and dry critique | $39 -$79 flat

  • Two 30-minute coaching sessions and critique | $79 - $129 flat

  • Three 30-minute coaching sessions, critique, and supportive re-write | $149 - $279 flat


  • We directly acknowledge that feeling out of place and off-track in your workplace is tough...and that the reality of racism in the workplace, perceived or experienced, can be exhausting. 

  • Our approach is feminine, but not exclusive of men. It is powerful and steeped in an experiential love...including tough love, black love, self-love, brotherly love, intentional love (agape), and godly love.

  • Our process is one of spiritual discernment and fact-finding, positioning you with the language, tactics, scriptures, and courage to do the things...including the hard things, the right things, the fun things, and the deep things.

  • We operate using a practice-based model, that allows coaches to collaborate in generating tailored guidance and feedback across disciplines and perspectives.

  • Packages are under development now, with coaching tiered by level of experience/expertise:

  • Mother ("Master") Coach 

  • Auntie ("Veteran") Coach 

  • Sister ("Experienced") Coach 


  • Often structural work exists within organizations to drive diversity metrics towards inclusivity in key areas such as talent attraction and supplier diversity. We understand that, often, more space needs to be created for diverse voices in and throughout the culture of the organization.

  • We assess the organizational culture and temperament based on interviews, focus groups, or surveying to support organizations committed to mapping out a path forward to racial equity. 

  • Our team can be available to support continuous improvement and monitoring efforts.  We want to support you driving the work as a thought partner and/or external assessor.

  • Standard or customized assessment 

  • Strategic Consultation

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