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Magnificant is a minority-led, young resource company offering services, products, and systems to nurture black and global-majority talent.

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How to Find Your Track

First off, I'm not a big typology person. Yes, I just described not being the kind of person who is into "the kind of person" tests. Typology (or personality) tests have their place. Don't get me wrong! I do really enjoy learning about what type of person I am. It just does not answer the big questions I want answered: what am I called to do? Here at Magnificant we believe the "who you are" is essential to plotting your way forward, and that that path is one uniquely tied to

"Oh, What Did I Accomplish Again?" Resume Tips

You may have been there. It's time to update your resume -- and you cannot remember what you accomplished. Maybe its been years since you have updated your resume, or you are such a rock star that you cannot count the numerous times you have utterly transformed the business. Maybe, you are so low on confidence that you cannot see what you made better. Anyway you slice are dry on bullet points, honey. 1. Steal. Blatantly Steal. Joking, Joking, Joking! But, I do want

Ode to the Resume...

There's a myth that a resume makes all the difference. But, no matter how beautiful your template is, your resume captures your history -- so, if you have not found the cure, been the president of the world, or launched the thousand ships, what good is a resume to you? (Warning, there are Back to the Future references in here.) 1. A good resume will remind you of who you are. You are your first audience for your resume. A good resume writing process will force you to remembe

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