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"Oh, What Did I Accomplish Again?" Resume Tips

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

You may have been there. It's time to update your resume -- and you cannot remember what you accomplished. Maybe its been years since you have updated your resume, or you are such a rock star that you cannot count the numerous times you have utterly transformed the business. Maybe, you are so low on confidence that you cannot see what you made better.

Anyway you slice are dry on bullet points, honey.

1. Steal. Blatantly Steal. Joking, Joking, Joking! But, I do want you to become inspired. If you have a colleague at your job who trust, ask her how she has framed up her accomplishments. You might find yourself recalling, "oh yeah, I totally worked on that project too." This is what I contributed. (And seriously, do not steal -- what is wrong with you? Ask your colleague to proof your resume after, just for accountability -- bonus tip for integrity.)

2. Remember Past Accomplishments. You are who you are -- and I mean that in the best way possible. You might find yourself constantly doing this consistently amazing, unnoticed thing everywhere you go. If you have discovered your "track record" statement -- in other words, can answer the question, "I have a track record of XYZ," then look for the XYZ in your current job. That hidden track record will give you a good indicator of what you have naturally done again on your current job.

3. Look at Your Actual Work. Resumes are not the only living documents that prove you are an amazing wildebeest of excellence. Many employers require you to occasionally prove your worth on record, asking for key milestones or metrics to move your work forward. If you are still at your job, pull up your executive reports, performance evaluations, killer emails that just sealed the deal -- and then actually see what you accomplished.

You are a Freaking, Wildebeest of Excellence Mama.



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